Must try Japanese food

Must try Japanese food

Japanese have contributed tremendously to the world in each and every field. Even in the world of food, the Japanese have made a significant name. Japanese cuisine has some unique yet delicious dishes in it.


Some of them are :


Sushi is the first thing when we talk about Japanese cuisine. After the Meiji Restoration in 1868, Sushi was one of the first dishes from Japan to get exported to the US; to date, sushi’s popularity has increased steadily year after year. “Sushi” means any dish that is made up of Japanese rice with seasoned vinegar. There are varieties in Sushi. Some of the standard sushi that is found in most of the places are

  • Makizushi: sushi rice with rolled up nori seaweed.
  • Nigiri sushi: bite-sized mounded sushi made up of sushi rice with a slice of raw fish or similar arrangement over the top.
  • Inarizushi: This type of sushi rice is stuffed inside pockets of inari, a variety of seasoned, fried tofu.


Seafood lovers will have a treat to their mouth if they have a bite of mentaiko. This dish is made of spicy, salty, or savory seasoning from eggs of pollock and cod. The simple mentaiko is marinated in a salt solution, whereas mentaiko that is marinated in spicy chilly pepper is becoming more famous every day. Mentaiko is eaten as a topping on ramen and is traditionally eaten as a side dish with steamed rice. It is also used as a filling in onigiri rice balls.

Recently, to make Mentaiko more spicy and savory mentaiko pasta sauce, it is mixed with cream or butter.



One of the most authentic ways to finish a Japanese meal or a tea ceremony is by having Wagashi. Japanese ingredients and flavors influence a traditional sweet which was invented during the Edo period. Wagashi is prepared with unique yet selective ingredients like mochi rice cake, vegetarian gelatine, chestnuts, Anko paste and sugar. The most popular wagashi is a sweet mochi ball served with sugar syrup on skewered sticks called Dango. Other wagashi are daifuku, dorayaki, and yokan.


Gyoza is made from a mixture of savory fillings like pork mince, green onion, cabbage, and mushrooms are the regular combination. There are different combinations, but this is the most common and basic combination for the moon-shaped dumplings. These dumplings are wrapped in a circular gyoza wrapper and pleated the edges to make the half-moon shape. Gyoza is usually cooked by frying only one side to make it crispy and savory bottom, then steam it for 2 to 3 minutes so that filling inside is juicy and the rest of the wrapper is smooth and silky.

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