Hotel Escorts Are Expecting The Best In The Hospitality Industry – Make Sure You Give It To Them

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The Wellesley has received some pretty harsh reviews, and not just from your fav busty London companions, but from real, elite and business travellers, whether or not they’re bringing their high class escorts along. Yes, it looks amazing online, but some rooms aren’t exactly what you think you’re getting. Some of the views are terrible and service isn’t always top notch. VIP service is pleasant, supportive, extremely helpful and can – in most cases – accomplish the impossible. You can often find a better staff, finer dining, better bars and more top notch room service elsewhere. It’s also more fitted to the luxury traveller, not the business traveller. If you’re in a hurry and like things done quickly and efficiently, this may not be the best hotel for you, and you won’t be able to always rely on housekeeping to keep things top notch.

Hotel Café Royal has had a lot of work put into the look and ambience, but when you have a staff that acts about their station, everything goes wrong. Again, the staff at a luxury hotel should be welcoming, warm, eager to please and able to accomplish your every request. If not, they shouldn’t be working in the service of VIP and elite guests and escorts. Hotel Café Royal could also do well to treat every one of their guests to the little extras that make each hotel stay so special – welcome gifts, complimentary champagne, room orientation, porters hopping to get your baggage as soon as you pull up, in room amenities and more are absolutely necessary – no exceptions. While the décor is certainly luxurious, there have been many complaints as to the lack of warmth within the décor – working TVs, quality artwork, real antiquities and live flowers refreshed daily are also a necessary touch of hospitality.

The Berkeley is wonderful for tea or a stop for a drink, etc., but tea and a week-long stay for business are not the same things. You expect a hotel with a good reputation to have high quality furniture from some of the best makers in the country, as well as designer décor and accents. You also expect a luxury hotel to feature high quality bedding, which is superbly cleaned every single day of your stay. Again, flawless service is of the utmost importance, and if the staff act as if they can’t even care to assist you, or treat you as less than the VIP guest that you are, you need to find another property to stay at and entertain your guests in. You also want to be sure to find a property which employs a concierge that knows their stuff – someone worldly, with experience with the best dining, parties, shopping and party girls. If they can’t work wonders for your schedule, they’re not worth having.

The Jumeirah London is owned by one of the most luxurious hotel brands in the world, responsible for amazing properties in the Middle East and Dubai, but unfortunately the London property does not always live up to its brand’s reputation. Lost reservations, insincere staff, unorganized hoteliers, less than fine dining and more are all issues that plague the property according to frequent traveling guests. While the Jumeirah name may mean something in most areas of the world, it does not mean much in London, unfortunately. Of course, space is a factor in London and there’s not always the option to do extensive remodels and work to already existing structures to ensure that a building can live up to its buyer’s expectations – if this were the case, perhaps Jumeirah should have considered buying a different property for their London branch.



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